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My Favourite December Things (For Christmas Decorating!)

  • December 4, 2018
  • By Karen
My Favourite December Things (For Christmas Decorating!)



Sparkly and shiny with a twist of nature seems to be the style for Christmas in 2018. And as you’ll see from my Favourite December Things list, that works for me!


Pulling together a favorites list for holiday decor is hard because I like so many things. I also find that I change things up each year. It’s still a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, right? Anyway, each December I take away some things and add others in.  


Regardless of how different my December decor looks next year, I say bring on the season! I am festive no matter what. And this year, these are the December decorations I am absolutely loving:


All the links are provided below as well as a number queue at the bottom of the post.  Happy Shopping!!


Owl Ornament


The owl is another important symbol in my life. I am always seeking more wisdom.


Nutcracker Ornament


Since I was little, a nutcracker ornament was always on the tree.


Reindeer Mug


Because it’s the Christmas season and reindeer can fly. Magic is worth celebrating!


Christmas Glass Pine Cone Ornament


Yet another nature-related element to add to my decor. And they’re sparkly!


Shopping Tote


I like this hipster shopping bag because it reminds me of Santa’s reindeer.


White Christmas Tree


In my opinion, a white tree creates a winter wonderland effect like nothing else. I’m so drawn to its pretty simplicity.


Wreath Napkin Rings


These are not only cute but add a little extra splash of green to your table. Plus, the addition of the lights is most adorable!


Christmas Deer Ornament


Nature is prevalent in my Christmas decor. How beautiful is this deer head?


Holiday Pillows


These are shiny and sparkly pillows to add seasonal glam to your couch or bed.


Metallic Stockings


These stockings are so sassy and fun.


Cardinal Ornament


The cardinal is a symbol of endurance, passion, and strength. I love that symbolism and I think it has a special significance during the holidays.


Christmas Mug


My favourite Christmas movie is Elf and this mug reminds me to spread that Christmas cheer.


Silver Star Banner


I love stars. A banner is also a unique and eye-catching addition to your Christmas decorations.


Joy Pillow


Hello, it’s all about joy! Is there a more important quality to cultivate this season?


Crystal Christmas Tree


This tree is already lit so it will add texture to your decor.


Eucalyptus Leaves


Adding eucalyptus leaves to a wreath, table decor, or even greenery in a vase is fabulous.  I love its silver/green/blue color.

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BIG LOVE! And Happy Holidays!


By Karen, December 4, 2018
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