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The Batter’s Up Bakery: sugar cookies with plenty of soul

  • April 10, 2019
  • By Karen
The Batter’s Up Bakery: sugar cookies with plenty of soul

Aren’t these beauties just the sweetest? To me, they say “Hello, welcome to Spring!”

The Batters Up Bakery owner-operator Jessica van Delden has hit a home run with her sugar cookies. The taste, texture, and sweet design are outta this ballpark delicious!

In December 2017 Jessica made a batch of Christmas themed sugar cookies for a family friend. That friend suggested Jessica make baking her side hustle.  The Batters Up Bakery was born in March 2018.

Jessica loves anything created by two hard-working hands. She feels there is a certain soulfulness in baking from scratch. It’s made with love.  There’s a notable difference in the taste of anything made with loving hands. So it’s not surprising that she heads to her Grandma’s and her Mom’s recipe boxes for inspiration.  

This is relatable to me as I have a few recipes that I cannot shake from my childhood. They come right out of my Mom’s recipe folders. Now all I want is this chicken dish we called “Melting Pot Chicken”.  I can smell it; it’s filling the room with pleasant aromas.

When I first saw Jessica’s creations online, I contacted her and she made custom sugar cookies to celebrate Russ and my 25th wedding anniversary.

She uses royal icing on the cookies. The tender dense cookie with the “just right” texture of the icing makes for a dreamboat taste combo in my mouth.  You can see the care she takes in the overall design. And baking from scratch is obviously part of the equation.

I so love The Batter’s Up Bakery’s story. As it happens, its cute name isn’t just a great pun.  Jessica’s family are big baseball fans, especially her dad. A household of girls meant family vacations that consisted of shopping (lots of shopping) and Dad’s beloved sport. It was a family tradition to enjoy a good ol’ baseball game. Pairing two things close to her heart– baseball and baking — was a natural choice when choosing her business name.

The Batter’s Up Bakery logo is a home plate, its color is brown, the foundation of the earth is brown and one of her values is “building from the ground up”, i.e., baking from scratch.  Sounds pretty darn aligned to me.

Are you planning an event or special occasion in the near future? A wedding shower? A milestone birthday? I recommend giving Jessica a shout; she’d love to add her special touch to your celebration. Guaranteed to add smiles to any occasion!

Check out The Batter’s Up Bakery here.

Also, check out The Batter’s Up Bakery on Instagram

To order some scrumptious sugar cookies, send Jessica an email here.


By Karen, April 10, 2019
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  • Krista
    April 10, 2019

    What beautiful cookies! Definitely thinking of placing an order for Easter 🙂

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