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Kiki’s Vegan Kitchen: The difference-makers behind the ultra tasty vegan soup in Vancouver

  • May 15, 2019
  • By Karen
Kiki’s Vegan Kitchen: The difference-makers behind the ultra tasty vegan soup in Vancouver

Kathryn and Michelle are the lady bosses behind Kiki’s Vegan Kitchen, makers of vegan soups and entrees in Vancouver. They are women making their mark and doing their part to make a difference in our world.  And making a difference sits very high on my list of priorities. High five, ladies!

I first encountered Kiki’s Vegan Kitchen at a local market. I started by trying their soups and moved onto their Jackfruit Carnitas.  They cater to my Mexican obsession and they’re a great replacement for pork. Serve them at your next fiesta!

Recently I tried their Cauliflower Bolangese with basil ricotta on top. Keep in mind that I’m not a vegan.  And this non-vegan loved what they did. This dish is flavourful, local, and it hits the spot! Who doesn’t want that in everything they eat?

When I asked Kathryn (otherwise known as Kiki) what makes Kiki’s Vegan Kitchen different, her answer cracked me up.  She just said, “Have you met us?” She definitely has a point; these two are non-millennial professionals working a side business in the world of vegan food in Vancouver.

There’s a big misconception out there that healthy, organic, vegan, and gluten free equals boring and tasteless.   I for one know this is not true. Kiki’s Vegan Kitchen soups are full of yummy local flavours. Why not open yourself up to the goodness that each mouthful of Kiki’s deliciousness holds?  Kiki’s Vegan Kitchen product line has grown from 4 to 5 soups to what they are now: 10 soups, 6 or 7 entrees, sauces, quiches, tourtieres, and desserts.

They focus on local ingredients and building quality relationships with their farmers from Squamish, Pemberton, Lillooet, Lytton, Cawston, and elsewhere.  I believe this is what truly sets Kiki’s Vegan Kitchen apart when it comes to vegan food in Vancouver. Kathryn and Michelle pointed out to me that if you are buying their products at a local market then there’s a very good chance that the ingredients were grown by the farmer a few stalls down.

Kiki’s Vegan Kitchen was born 10 years ago as a response to Kathryn’s sister’s food allergies and sensitivities. Kathryn started trying to recreate family favourites for her sister without the problematic ingredients.  Next thing you know her dishes were being eaten by the whole family, because her vegan food was not only nutritious, it was delicious!

Making healthy local food delicious is what Kiki’s Vegan Kitchen does best. They are always looking at new ways to incorporate local ingredients into what they are doing.  I definitely hope Kathryn and Michelle continue to create ultra tasty vegan dishes in Vancouver and continue to put their greatness out into the world!

You will find Kiki’s Vegan Kitchen at local markets; check where they’ll be right here.

Kiki’s Vegan Kitchen has an online store as well.  Check that out right here!


By Karen, May 15, 2019
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