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Sriracha Revolver: a local Vancouver hot sauce blending cuisines and bringing the heat

  • May 29, 2019
  • By Karen
Sriracha Revolver: a local Vancouver hot sauce blending cuisines and bringing the heat

Isn’t it cool when a notion to make others happy turns into an entrepreneurial adventure?  Jordan of Sriracha Revolver started out by making hot sauce for her friends who loved heat and now her hot sauce can be found across Canada. And as a fellow heat-lover, I was excited to try this local Vancouver hot sauce.

Jordan and her husband Ian make up the Sriracha Revolver dream team. This duo has made the local Vancouver hot sauce making business more rewarding. Add in Jordan and Ian’s two young children and they truly are one big happy family. What started out as a weekend project almost two years ago hasn’t exactly worked out that way. (I love when we try to keep a tight wrap on things that the Universe obviously wants to spread. Thanks, Universe!)

Jordan jokes that the business model was “say no to everything” because she never wanted to disappoint anyone by not being able to deliver.  But nowadays, you can find this Vancouver-made sriracha at 30 local retailers. And heck, if you are heading east across Canada you’ll find it at some more retailers along the way!

In creating her tasty sauces, Jordan draws on her wine industry background. She knows that having a few ingredients and the right balance is the key to making something really complex and delicious. (Sometimes simple is best; I must remember that!) She finds joy in the process of making her hot sauce combinations come alive.

Let’s talk about the fun flavours that this Vancouver-made sriracha has. For example, I wouldn’t have put beets and tequila together. But holy, not only do these flavours bring the heat, they mesh so well together for a unique taste!

Jordan has an interesting take on what the perfect meal is:  Pad Thai and Margaritas, Mexican and Thai cuisines coming together.  I say bring on the noodles and a blended lime Marg! You never know what combos are going to be a hit.

This local Vancouver hot sauce certainly blends cuisines whenever it can.  Like Jordan says, there are a lot of crossover ingredients in each cuisine.  The creativity in showcasing the best of these cuisines is what makes Sriracha Revolver unique! A must try!

Sriracha Revolver’s bold packaging is great, and represents the product well. Each batch is hand made with natural ingredients and a dash of TLC.  I say the craft of making something for others is definitely heart-centered.

Creating a celebrated local Vancouver hot sauce has definitely improved the lives of Jordan and her team. Heat lovers unite. Now I wonder if they’ll be coming out with a new blend of heat?

Check out Sriracha Revolver website here

You can find and purchase Sriracha Revolver here

You’ll find Sriracha Revolver at these upcoming local markets and events.


By Karen, May 29, 2019
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