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NutMeg Mylk: Vancouver nut mylk that’s all killer, no filler

  • June 11, 2019
  • By Karen
NutMeg Mylk: Vancouver nut mylk that’s all killer, no filler

Are you as intrigued by nut mylks as I am?

It took me a long time to realize that my body doesn’t like cow’s milk. When that bell finally went off, I looked for alternatives.  You know I love to create in the kitchen but the idea of taking on yet another “thing” by making my own wasn’t going to happen.

Thank goodness NutMeg Mylk came into my life last fall.  I found this Vancouver nut mylk at my local New Westminster Farmers’ market.  Megan is a gem and I connected with her immediately. I tasted her products and it was dreamy how delish they are.  I was blown away by the difference a “made with love” nut mylk without fillers makes.

NutMeg Mylk is a Vancouver nut mylk that’s totally committed to health and wellness.  They want to ensure that they offer not only a delicious milk alternative but one that is nutrient-rich and organic. Minus all the extra fillers.

NutMeg Mylk was born out of necessity.  Not liking the taste of what was on the shelf at the grocery store, Megan took a weekend class to learn to make her own. She started making nut blends with superfoods and different flavours for family and friends and realized she was in her zone of creativity and absolutely loved it.  She kept making her mylks as a side job, knowing that she herself wanted to be free of the preservatives, gums, and fillers that are typically found in dairy-free alternatives.

Let’s just spend one second talking about the ingredients we can’t pronounce on the shelves of our local grocery stores. Let me just say this: if we can’t pronounce it, is it something we’d want to put into our bodies?


Yes, this is me encouraging you all to come on over to the brighter side and eat and drink whole foods, like nut mylks without fillers.  Back to Megan and NutMeg Mylk.

Recently, Megan launched an oat mylk blend for cafes.   It foams well for your favourite coffee shop style beverages.  

NutMeg Mylk’s vision is to make plant-based mylks more accessible.  It’s important for Megan to educate the public on options that are natural and fresh.  As Megan says, “There are other options, whether they’re making them from home or buying ours.”  NutMeg Mylk is all about sharing knowledge. Sharing is caring, right?

Thanks for opening my eyes, Megan. I was the coconut milk in the tetra pack kind of girl before I met you.  It worked until it didn’t.

Give Megan a wave if you see her out walking her cute dog Dave around Vancouver.

NutMeg Mylk can be found at these locations.

NutMeg Mylk can be ordered on line

Visit their website here


By Karen, June 11, 2019
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