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Royal City Donuts: Artisanal New Westminster Made Donuts To Die For

  • August 14, 2019
  • By Karen
Royal City Donuts: Artisanal New Westminster Made Donuts To Die For

It’s a good week. That’s because, this week, I’m taste testing donuts. What’s the verdict on Royal City Donuts (made by the incredible Jonathan Goodridge)? I give them a solid “yum.” Bonus points: these New Westminster made donuts are ultra local for me as I live in the Royal City myself. 

My verdict came through rigorous testing. I tasted a lot of Royal City Donuts. My favourite is the apple fritter.  It’s the cinnamon, apple, and glaze combo; unreal. I also taste tested maple bacon, Ferrero Rocher, and coconut. All incredible.  

Yes, there’s a crazy amount of butter and eggs in these New Westminster made donuts. That’s why they’re called “treats”, people!  Royal City Donuts are made from scratch, and fried up an hour before each market. Their fermentation time is at least 24 hours per batch.

Royal City Donuts was born when Jon moved from Vancouver to New Westminster 3 years ago.  He found that the suburbs didn’t have any of the artisanal donut shops that he was in the habit of frequenting in Vancouver.  And when we see a void, we fill in the gap. At least, Jon did. He taught himself how to make the artisanal donuts in his own kitchen. Buttery brioche donuts comin’ right up.

What’s the next thing you do with photo-worthy artisanal donuts?

That’s right …. you post them on Instagram.  And once he started posting them, the orders started to pour in via social media.

Jon also went one step further by delivering his tasty treats to small businesses.  Nice touch, Jon! He would do all of this before starting his day job. 

Then, a local store called Brick + Mortar Living asked him to do a pop-up (always a great idea for small businesses) and it went really well. Duh! He had donuts.

After a few pop-ups, Jon felt the next logical step was to explore what the Farmers Market platform could offer his small business.  Product testing on a larger scale was necessary to see if it was a fit for him. He tested not only in New Westminster but also in the surrounding communities.  

Royal City Donuts is opening its first retail space in the very near future.  It will be located at Unit L52 4946 Canada Way in Burnaby’s Deer Lake Centre.  Royal City Donuts will share its cafeteria-style retail space with a company producing hot and frozen meals, as well as with Parallel Coffee. 

Jon also has a vision for a donut food truck next year when the storefront is established. Can’t wait! 

You can find Royal City Donuts here 


By Karen, August 14, 2019
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