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Celebrating Baby Right: Hosting a baby shower to remember

  • November 6, 2019
  • By Karen
Celebrating Baby Right: Hosting a baby shower to remember

Some say I like my fun with a tinge of stress. Maybe that’s why hosting a baby shower for my niece Becca this past Sunday was so enjoyable. Seriously though…I love hosting people for a meaningful event. Consider this post a resource for party host tips– if you’re as intense about the details as I am! 

It’s just that I really like everything to have its place and be placed just so. I really like to have that clean, white, freshly pressed tablecloth. White dishes, large and small, with my finest silver. Pink edged white roses in a posy in the bathroom with a pink candle. All the details matter.

Using what I already have to decorate is a big win for any event I host. I like to start with what I already have in my home and build the party from there. Typically, I try to combine old and new items. For example, a classic silver platter and a modern white platter placed together brings me joy. Placing these contrasting but still complimentary items creates an eye-catching vignette.

For decorating a girl baby shower, I went with a classic white, gold and pink theme.  I found elements in my home that flowed nicely with this theme and then I did some online and offline shopping to complete it.

Of course, Pinterest is always my friend, a great resource for party host tips and ideas. That’s where I found my centerpiece and color theme inspiration. 

Walking into Party City before the baby shower, my main objective was to order balloons.  But I also found some great items for decorating a girl baby shower. For example, I found small pink and gold polka dot bags for party favours. I filled the bags with popcorn and displayed them in a row on an oblong white platter.  I also bought three white rosette photo clips that I used for displaying the words “It’s a girl.” 

Amazon is where I sourced these white tulip baking cups

Because this was a late morning baby shower, I did brunch. Of course, brunch can be anything from breakfast dishes to dinner courses. This was my menu: 

Baked bone-in ham with a honey mustard glaze

Classic scalloped potatoes (with a Karen twist)

Roasted green beans and broccoli tossed with olive oil, garlic, shallots, and almonds

Snickerdoodle muffins

My son Ryland’s fiance Ali was in charge of the punch. She served a non-alcoholic fruit punch right beside the coffee station. This was the recipe (all juice ratios are to taste): 

Pineapple juice

Frozen pink lemonade


Lots of ice

(Psst…If you were throwing a slightly different kind of shower, you could very easily spike this with some vodka.)

Prepping ahead of time reduces the craziness substantially. I prefer to do as much as I can before the event. I even set a schedule. This includes tasks like: table cloths on, platters out, coffee station set, muffins, and scalloped potatoes made ahead of time.   

Playing easy background music is a tip I picked up from the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten. It’s welcoming and reduces awkward silences. 

Hosting a baby shower and need some good games? Visit this link. Gramma was in charge of the games and she had some cute prizes for the winners. No shower is complete without some games…come on! 

Finally, if you’re throwing or attending a baby shower, and you need gift ideas, my favourite book to give a newborn is called My Book About Me.

Hopefully, these party host tips have given you lots of inspiration for your next baby shower. There’s only one more totally critical thing to remember: have fun and enjoy the moment. 


By Karen, November 6, 2019
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