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Spreading the Love!

  • August 9, 2021
  • By Karen
Spreading the Love!

When it comes to the food industry, there’s a LOT that I remain inspired by, from my fellow foodies to their companies and their stories. And because of their inspiration and ability to pave the way, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am extremely honoured to announce that I am on the judging panel for the BC Food + Beverage Association, Product of the Year!

This event celebrates and recognizes the accomplishments of the people, products and companies that have made an impact in the BC food industry. There are no words to explain how thrilled I am to see all of these brilliant nominees receive the acknowledgement they deserve! This is something truly to be proud of.

Now, let’s get to know some of the people, companies, and food that are featured!

Gnubees+ by GnuSante Creations

Operated by owner Ron Kendrick and his daughter Sarah, Gnubees+ is a naturally flavored kid-friendly nutritional beverage with protein and fibre. The company was developed in Vancouver in 2012 and continues to make what’s good for you, taste good! Not only do kids love how tasty it is, it is also made with ingredients and packaging that is wonderful for our environment.

Sourdough Spaghetti by Kaslo Sourdough

Silvio and Gabrielle Lettrari are the owners of this second generation family business located in West Kootenays. Together, they’ve run Kaslo Sourdough bakery for over 20 years, providing healthy options and solutions for wheat-intolerant individuals. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix by Susgrainable Health Foods

Founded in 2018 in Vancouver, the founders of this company spent over 2 years developing a process to quickly dehydrate barley from craft breweries. They’re fueled by their passion for beer and use their ability to turn beer waste into baked goods that people can benefit from. 

The Meadow by Spread ‘Em Kitchen

Founder and CEO Melissa of The Meadow makes cashew cheese and plant based dips that can now be found nationwide. From a home kitchen in 2015 to a 20,000 square foot state of the art facility in 2019, this company has quickly grown to serve foodies, both plant-based and not, nationally!

Plant-based Protein Bars by Next Level Foods

Eric Lofgren is not only the founder, but a recovering engineer who set out to develop plant-based protein bars that don’t include any mystery sugars or ingredients. The bars are gluten free, nut free, made with dates, coconut, and locally sourced organic pumpkin seed protein powder.

Wagyu Burger by Hiro Wagyu Ltd

While some brands claim to be Wagyu, they often contain less than 50% or less Wagyu in them. Hiro Wagyu beef contains more healthy fat than any other breed. Located in Abbotsford BC, Hiro Wagyu is proud to provide one of Japan’s national treasures to others.

Lemon Turmeric Energy Drink by Moonshine Mama’s Kitchens

Inspired by a desire to cure herself from the nourishment found in nature, CEO/Founder Melinda Divers is sharing her anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich turmeric based elixirs to the rest of the world.

Modern Gyoza by Modern Meat

Modern Gyoza is made with seasoned modern crumble, a ground beef substitute rich in protein. Tara Haddad is the CEO/Founder with over 20 years of experience building successful companies with her background in entrepreneurship. Her team creates a selection of healthy, gourmet vegan options, all which are crafted from natural ingredients.

Maple Peanut Butter & Almond + Seed Butters by FATSO

Jill Van Gyn set out to create a low cost nut butter packed with more nutrition into one spoonful than other other nut butter on the market. From that mission came her FATSO nut butters, launched in 2016. Fatso is made from healthy fats and whole ingredients, and they don’t contain palm oil or sugar.

Blueberry Lassi by Plant Veda Foods Ltd

Founded by CEO Sunny Gurnani, Plant Veda is a milk alternative offering wholesome plant based dairy made with organic cashews. The company uses innovative technology to produce, develop and sell plant-based dairy alternatives including: cashew cream, cashew milk and probiotic cashew Lassi.

WOW! What an amazing lineup of nominees all with passions, stories and missions that all continue to shine through! I’m excited to recognize each and every nominee, with hopes that it encourages you to turn your dreams into a reality.


By Karen, August 9, 2021
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