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The Legacy of Mr Cooper’s Pies

  • February 10, 2022
  • By Karen
The Legacy of Mr Cooper’s Pies

I’m absolutely elated to be talking to you about Mr Cooper’s Pies today, a fabulous Canadian English Meat Pie Company locally handcrafted in Steveston Village. Let me just tell you, these pies have an amazing backstory that you won’t forget! Let’s get into it.

Mr. Cooper’s Pies History

Backed by a long and deep English legacy, these meat pies are named after its founder, Mr. Norman Cooper. They are currently in their 3rd generation of makers.  

Norman was born in Coventry, England, and moved to London at 18 years old where he began working in food markets.  

From London, he set off to Nigeria working for the British company, Lever Brothers. He spent the next 20 years marrying and working as a district trading officer.

Norman eventually made his way to Canada where he developed a food system for Maple Leaf Services. This venture continued in Ottawa and after some time, Cooper moved his family to Edmonton to hone his skills as a developer of the IGA brand.

At the age of 68, Cooper came out of retirement as his love for creating food brands was calling. Together with his son Brian, they created Mr. Cooper’s Pies that quickly reached heights, expanding to 11 chain restaurants in Calgary.

Unfortunately, due to the economic downturn in Calgary, Mr Cooper’s Pies stores closed, but the timeless recipes created 40 years ago are an ongoing Cooper Family legacy that they continue to keep alive today.

“Power is in the Pie”

-Brian Cooper

So, why does Mr. Brian Cooper often say that the “Power is in the Pie”? Because when you try these pies you taste its quality. 

Quality is the driving force behind this mighty local company and is a key component to honouring Norman Cooper’s vision.  

Mr. Cooper’s Pies Today

Since inception last year, they’ve already been able to make a major positive impact in the local foodie industry!

Now, let’s get into the meat of it all. These pies have a beautifully crafted dome top, unique to Mr. Cooper’s Pies, and they are fully loaded (and I mean loaded!) with locally-sourced goodness.  Each pie is heaping full with fillings and protein, and they contain NO fillers, just pure, farm fresh quality ingredients. 

There is something to be said about having a hearty homemade meal available to you. It’s called convenience. One thing about me is that I am all for the delicious convenience of saving time and that’s one of the many beauties of this food brand.

“Homemade taste, without the mess”

-Brittany Cooper, Business Development of MCP, daughter of Brian Cooper

The Cooper family’s mission of quite literally starting a “world pie domination” as Brittany Cooper would say, is off to a brilliant start.  

Brittany is working toward more product visibility so that Mr Cooper’s Pies can be available, seen, and of course eaten in all the local markets throughout British Columbia and beyond! 

Get this, they’re currently working on expanding their reach into Prince George and Kelowna! So, those in the area get ready! Is there a store near you where you’d like to see these tasty pies? 

While this news is incredibly exciting, the expansion of Mr Cooper’s Pies is just getting started. Brittany says the timeless recipes of Mr Cooper’s Pies are plentiful and will soon be shared. Yes, Mr Cooper’s Pies recipe book, unlocked!

There are many new and fabulous initiatives coming our way from Mr Cooper’s Pies and I can’t help but share with you a little sneak peak of what else you can expect in the near future.  

Seasonal Turkey, Cranberry + Stuffing Pie

Be on the lookout for seasonal pies. Mr Cooper’s Pies had a delicious turkey, cranberry and stuffing pie launch in December and that was a HIT. I’m looking forward to revisiting those again.

Most recently, they’ve produced a BBQ’d Pulled Pork and Cheese pie that I’m drooling just thinking about. I need to get my hands on one of those, stat! They also recently developed their 4” ready to eat deli delights! With these perfectly-sized pies, there will definitely be no leftovers to share.

I am also excited to explore their gluten free, vegetarian and dairy-free options coming soon, opening the door for even more happy eaters to have pies in their freezer. 

And lastly, if you are a sausage roll or quiche fan, keep your eyes wide open because I hear the heirloom recipe book has these tasty pastries inside.  

With the history being what it is at Mr. Cooper’s Pies, I’d like to share with you what I believe truly makes them one-of-a-kind in the pie sector. For one, all of their ingredients are sourced locally offering generous amounts of fresh quality ingredients!  

Anyone who’s a fan of pies knows that they are commonly considered a comfort food. There’s nothing more comforting (besides the pies themselves,) than knowing that the pies I’m eating are created with the ingredients around me. Locals supporting locals is how it should be!

Now, onto the fun part. How do you eat a Mr Cooper’s Pie you ask? For me, a bed of mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes will do with my pie of choice snuggled right on the top. 

I add some steamed broccoli or a green salad on the side and I am all set! But don’t just take my word on this. 

Brittany Cooper highly suggests having a side of fries with your pie! I’ve tried this option as well and it is delightful. When in doubt, you can always enjoy yours solo!

Brian Cooper, his daughter Brittany and cousin Shane are the nuts and bolts of this local food company. Shane is the director of operations and owner of the Steveston Seafood House. His commercial kitchen is also where the flavoursome Mr Cooper’s Pies are crafted!

As a business in a small community, Shane is thoroughly involved with community initiatives including fundraising, donations and volunteering in Steveston.

Ready for some fun facts?

  • Mr. Brian Cooper is the same age that his father, Norman Cooper was when he started the business! And Brittany, daughter of Brian Cooper is now the same age as her grandfather when he started the business.
  • Shane and Brian Cooper have a combined 35 years owning small family businesses!

With all that said, Mr Cooper’s Pies is an exciting venture that is growing fast with plenty to look out for soon. I don’t know about you, but I’m here to support this exciting journey and ride!

If you’re looking to give Mr Cooper’s Pies a try, a brand that I highly, highly stand behind, you can find them online at

You can also shop in-store (31 locations + counting!) Find it at a store location near you by visiting at:

And lastly, we all know and love the convenience of delivery. Get your pies delivered by Legends Haul.


By Karen, February 10, 2022
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