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Welcome to the good life

now with 100% less guilt

When you were a little girl, did you know what you would be when you grew up? I’ll bet you didn’t know the answer was: “Whatever the people in my life need me to be.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ve given myself a new job description.

At this stage of life (50, kids in college), I’m ready to throw myself headlong into the role of Chief Executive Officer of Cultivating Mass Amounts of Joy. I’ve always had a taste for art, adventure, grandeur, and the tannic kiss of a full-bodied red wine. But now I’m developing a habit of really indulging it—deliberately, thoughtfully, courageously, cheekily, and 100% guiltlessly.

I write in order to share my pursuit of the good life. And I write to inspire other women who are finding the courage to chase after their own versions of la dolce vita.

This is a place to gleefully hunt down the type of experiences you’d like to have. From cosmopolitan dining to luxurious traveling to a seemingly endless stream of next-level wines, enjoy the quality things in life with me. Consider me the gutsy yet generous girlfriend who’s going to give you the straight goods while also encouraging you to dream (and refill your wine glass).

Come; get a preview of what awaits you on the other side of worry, obligation, and stress. This is the Promised Land. I’m telling you, it’s a gorgeous place and there are wine pairings!

There are so many women out there with a bottomless hunger for beautiful experiences that we could form an army. So what cause should we fight for? How about our own long-delayed and well-deserved liberation? Let’s savour it with the same sensuous abandon we would reserve for a full course meal.

The lights are low, the flavours are balanced, the wine is flowing, and I’ve saved a seat just for you.

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