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Local Vancouver Pierogies Flavoured by Friendships

  • September 11, 2019
  • By Karen
Local Vancouver Pierogies Flavoured by Friendships

One of my must-ask questions when writing about a local food producer is the story behind the name.  I love names. 

When Yvonne, maker of local Vancouver pierogies, founded her company, she was encouraged to think of a name that has a personal meaning. I’d say the one she came up with – Nina’s Pierogies – is very personal, very meaningful.  You see, Yvonne’s middle name is Nina. Nina is also her mom’s name. And this mother and daughter were both born on the same day. How cool is that?!

Yvonne worked in accounting for 10 years but she always knew she was more creative than her job allowed her to be.  She loved cooking and playing with different flavour combinations. This is how Nina’s Pierogies were born.

Yvonne loves the outdoors and she loves people so the Farmer’s Market is where she prefers to be. Selling her pierogies at the Farmer’s Market gives Yvonne the opportunity to connect with farmers, vendors, and customers. 

And I get that! I respect farmers for their hard work, persistence, and problem-solving. It’s a truly inspiring place. 

Nina’s Pierogies are gluten-free and vegan as Yvonne’s daughter is gluten and dairy intolerant. All of the products contain no preservatives, stabilizers, or GMO ingredients. 

Locally sourced produce via local farmers’ market trading, drives the flavour profiles in her pierogies. These Vancouver pierogies taste like the friendships formed with other producers at the markets. For example, Yvonne recently received a bag of morels and used it to create a pierogi made of potato, celery root, and morel mushrooms.  Then there is her Mediterranean pierogi, created by the abundance of in-season produce she fell in love with while scanning the local markets, including peppers, zucchini and eggplant. Even though Yvonne uses local in-season ingredients, her customers decided that her butternut squash and sage combo needed to be a regular, so it is.

When Yvonne gets feedback on how her products make people happy, it makes her heart happy.  It’s the biggest compliment she can get.

I’m excited for Yvonne, because she is moving into a new kitchen space. Sharing that space is a lady who makes Koji salt – and Yvonne’s already dreaming up a pierogi to combine with the salt. 

Find Yvonne’s pierogies at the local farmers’ markets in Vancouver, and in the future, look for them in local retailers. Don’t pass up the flavour profiles in these incredible local Vancouver pierogies!

You can follow Nina’s Pierogies on Instagram


By Karen, September 11, 2019
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