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Sunchokes, 3 ways!

  • March 24, 2022
  • By Karen
Sunchokes, 3 ways!

What are these rustic looking things?

Reminds me of ginger root but far far from it.

They are sunchokes. They go by a few different names, like, sunroot, wild sunflower, topinambur, or earth apple.

Facts about Sunchokes👇👇

➞ Its a tuber aka root vegetable

➞ They are lower on the GI scale than potatoes.

➞ Comes from a root of a sunflower plant 🌻

➞ Available in the Fall 🍂into early Spring

➞ Another name for them is ‘Jerusalem artichokes’ but have no relationship with Jerusalem.

➞ Contains inulin which can cause gas when sunchokes are consumed, be careful

➞ They oxidize quickly

I grabbed a bag of these and had zero knowledge of what to do with them.  

This is what I figured out….

You can put them on pizza! you can make choke chips, you can have them as a side dish.

Sunchokes 3 ways, coming up!!

What do they taste like?

They taste a bit earthy, a little nutty and a titch sweet (I feel like I know someone with these qualities…)  It’s a great combo and this isn’t a go-to for anyone I know. Now is a good time to start!!

I share using the sunchokes 3 ways below but there’s more…. I’ve thought about a few other ways to enjoy them as well, a puree, a soup, smashed sunchokes (imagine replacing your smashed potato with a sunchoke, so easy) and make sure you pair your sunchokes with a beautiful creamy glass of Chardonnay!


Baked till tender and then put them on pizza.

Washed them. Slice them.  Tossed them with Olive Oil.  Sprinkled with salt and pepper.  The sunchokes with their slight sweetness complemented the other veggies on the pizza.

Roasted till tender and served them as a side dish.

Wash them. Toss them with olive oil, fresh thyme and salt and pepper.  Roast them until tender and slightly browned.

To the air fryer to make choke chips

Sliced roasted chokes.  Put the chokes into the air fryer until desired

doneness. Toss with olive oil and some flaky salt. Serve with your favorite

dip. Serve immediately.

Notes: If I hadn’t used all my sunchokes up, I would experiment and add the fresh sliced sunchokes directly to the air fryer instead of baked ones.  I’d be curious to see the difference. Till next time sunchokes!


By Karen, March 24, 2022
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