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A New Obsession! CharBlue Spice Rubs

  • July 22, 2020
  • By Karen
A New Obsession! CharBlue Spice Rubs

Local Chef Jeffery Young has designed a line of meat and seafood rubs, Char Blue Premium Spice Rub Co.  

Chef Jeffrey works with small batches of freshly ground, premium sourced spices to ensure freshness and quality consistency in his locally made products. The line consists of unique blends for pork, beef, poultry, and seafood.

Being in the food and beverage industry for 30 years and engineering his spice blends all along the way made a natural segway into bringing his honed spices to market. Jeff paired his culinary expertise with his partners’ Monique’s sales and marketing expertise and they hit the pavement showcasing their product.

About the name: Char Blue was born from the idea of charring meat and having a blue rare interior and from my culinary understanding is an art to combine these two and elegantly at that!

And let’s not forget the caesar rim kit which is a blend of 14 spices. I am a sucker for a fabulous caesar rim with all the fixins’ (and by fixin’s I mean basically an appetizer). I will not give away any signature caesar rim secrets but I do want to say this rimmer isn’t salt or celery salt forward… it’s a fabulous blend of complementing spices.

The fixin’s (or appetizer as I call it) : olives/salami/dill pickles etc.

Having a solid foundation on his production, his thoughts are becoming more centered on scaling distribution across Canada. Jeffery says being in a larger grocery chain would be ideal. 

From his first job as a teen in the ‘dish pit’, Jeffery’s culinary interest was piqued. As a creative, Jeff felt his talents translated seamlessly into the kitchen. Jeffery took his culinary prowess into the competition arena and has accumulated many accolades from BC Chef of the Year to Culinary member on Team Canada in 2012 at the World Culinary Olympics. 

High 5 to Jeffery and his accomplishments represent his dedication to his artistic talents as they translate onto a plate with professional excellence is fabulous!

He completed his apprenticeship under Chef Ernst Dorfler at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver​ and he has expanded across Canada constantly learning; Nova Scotia, to Winnipeg and back here in Vancouver working with BC Chefs Association as well as running his catering business, and of course his Char Blue spice line.

We all know summer adventuring is looking a wee bit different this year. Staying close to home and being a tourist in our gorgeous province is where it’s at. My famjam time is being spent camping in BC Parks and I thought the Char Blue poultry spice fits perfectly into our camping essential kits as a companion for all our barbecue needs. A spice tin is stylish (more on that in a moment), waterproof, and compact, easy to pack and can be a staple in your camping gear. I highly recommend getting some (and while you’re at it, grab a caesar rimmer too).

The poultry spice is a blend of garlic powder, thyme, onion powder, and other culinary ingredients. I can’t give away all Jeffery’s secrets. I took chef Jeffery’s advice and made grilled chicken with summer greens while camping and it was a hit. Tastefully seasoned chicken barbecue and served with locally sourced greens. Something worth noting is to rub your rub into your protein of choice and let it sit to absorb the flavours prior to cooking. Anywhere from a couple of hours to overnight makes for a super tasty dish.

The tin packaging as I mentioned is stylish but the best part about it is that you can buy a refill package, and continue to use your tin. That is a sustainable and environmentally conscious initiative, and I’m all for it!

Follow Char Blue Premium Spice Rubs Co. HERE

Get yourself and your camping kit some HERE


By Karen, July 22, 2020
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