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The Best Wine Food Pairing Blogs for Budding Connoisseurs

  • May 21, 2018
  • By Karen
The Best Wine Food Pairing Blogs for Budding Connoisseurs

My top picks for learning about wine food pairing

In my opinion, if you want to live life to the fullest, wine food pairing is where it’s at.

It’s one thing to sip that funky, smoky, perfectly aged Châteauneuf-du-Pape on its own. But when you taste it after a bite of juicy roasted game, you’re transported to a realm of Old World pleasures.

Wine is easy to love. It’s such a beautiful ritual to fill a glass, roll around the liquid, and sip slowly. And—let’s be real, here—is there a more luxurious way to end the day? That’s why wine drinking is such an approachable, popular pastime these days.

But really exploring, adventuring, playing in the world of wine means investing a little time into education. And the first thing you should learn about is wine food pairing. Believe me, it’s not snootiness; it’s next-level pleasure seeking. That’s why I’ve put together a list of what I believe are the best wine blogs for learning about wine food pairing.

Wine Folly

When I was introduced to this blog, I immediately fell in love.  I am very visual, so for me this was the most approachable way of learning more about wine. It’s got beautiful infographics and a clear, uncluttered style. (I also recommend the book.)

Check out Wine Folly’s dedicated page for learning about the fundamentals of wine food pairing. You’ll feel way more informed about the best wine pairings in no time at all.

What Vino

What Vino is one of the best wine blogs for learning about wine food pairing because it’s specifically geared towards beginners. It covers food pairings as well as wine characteristics, varieties, and history. It’s a good way of getting up to speed quickly.

In particular, check out their recent post about the rules for wine food pairing.

Robert Parker

When you want to imagine the ultimate wine connoisseur, just picture Robert Parker. As a leading American wine critic, his website is bursting with the love of wine. His Hedonist’s Gazette is a “chronicle of the gustatory experiences” of Parker and other reviewers, and it frequently covers wine food pairing. Come prepared to not just learn, but gather major inspiration for enjoying food and wine more deeply.

The Wine Siren
This is one of the best wine blogs for telling stories about farm to table adventures. It’s inspiring and immersive. Check out these posts all about the best wine pairings.  

James Suckling

This blog covers the 100 top wines of many regions: Australia, Thailand, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, etc. It will give you a great place to start exploring wine food pairing at home and at restaurants. And if you’re a traveler who wants to sample the best your destination has to offer, it’s a go-to resource.

John Schreiner

I was in the same office as John when I was fresh to the workforce and working at Maclean Hunter Publishing. John wrote for the Financial Post.  At age 20, I thought it was super cool for someone to write about wine. A few decades later…I still think it’s super cool. John is a hardcore connoisseur who knows what’s up when it comes to the best wine pairings.  

Wine Anorak

The wine tasting notes in this blog are fabulous. The notes make it one of the best wine blogs for wine food pairings. It makes discovering what your plate and palate need easy and fun.

Everything Wine and More

This is a great wine blog for providing an overview of the basics.  What I like most about it is that it covers a huge variety of wines—everything that can be found at a local Everything Wine Store.

Do a little reading, then get to the nibbling and sipping! Once you know about the best wine pairings, everything gets that much more delicious, adventurous, and fun.


Please note some of these are affiliate links, when you decide to purchase anything through these links I get a small commissions at NO extra cost to you, it helps me to keep running this blog.

By Karen, May 21, 2018
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