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Chocolate Arts: one of the most-liked handmade chocolate in Vancouver

  • March 20, 2019
  • By Karen
Chocolate Arts: one of the most-liked handmade chocolate in Vancouver

As a big fan of chocolate, especially handmade chocolate with a focus on local flavours, recommending Chocolate Arts is a no-brainer for me. My headline isn’t lying: this is one of the most-liked chocolate in Vancouver.

You’ll find Chocolate Arts on West 3rd in Vancouver.  These chocolatiers are no newbies, having been in business for 26 years now.  

Greg Hook is the owner and head chocolatier at Chocolate Arts. He learned his craft at Belgium’s Callebaut College and the Ecole du Grand Chocolat in France. He has been in Vancouver since 1989, creating unique chocolate products using local, organically grown ingredients and the best raw chocolate from producers in Belgium and France. In 2014, he visited the Or Noir laboratory and became the first artisan chocolatier in Canada to visit and blend his own signature chocolate, Allure.

Despite his cosmopolitan resume, Greg is all about BC. With chocolates like Rhubarb Rhapsody, Blossoms (using organic Okanagan cherries), and Romeo, which is a wild blackberry ganache, he represents local flavours deliciously. Chocolate Arts strives to create chocolates that capture the spirit and flavour of British Columbia and the Pacific West Coast. Plus they are made without artificial ingredients and sourced locally whenever possible.

You know I love pretty things.  Well, the silver tins and vibrant tissue paper that house all of Chocolate Arts’ delectable morsels are beautiful. They remind me of a painters’ pallets.

And the variety is incredible.  I love how many times caramel is used in their chocolates. The choices feel limitless: candied ginger, okanagan cherries, house made passion fruit, house dried cherries, and so on. They have a few vegan options as well. Grab a coffee, have a seat and have a nibble or two.  

The website is also easy to use if you want to comb through the different options.  Gift boxes are available for purchase online but you must pick them up in the store.  For your convenience, I put the link at the bottom of this post.

I went to Chocolate Arts on a Saturday afternoon in order to browse through some of the best handmade chocolates in Vancouver. I found myself spending 45 minutes perusing all the pretty things so I had a cappuccino and a chocolate nibble. Can you guess what I had?  Did I mention caramel?

Hey, here’s a thought: Easter is coming up next month.  Might I suggest you select a few of the best handmade chocolates in Vancouver for the family?  When I was at Chocolate Arts, I saw some super cute designs, like bunnies and chicks. Perhaps use the seasonal design as part of your tablescape, right alongside your tulips? And enjoy a caramel for me!


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By Karen, March 20, 2019
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