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Flourgirl: Vegan cinnamon buns that are hard to share

  • April 24, 2019
  • By Karen
Flourgirl: Vegan cinnamon buns that are hard to share

Please allow me to introduce you to Flourgirl Baking, some of the best Vancouver vegan baking I’ve ever had. I will be honest, initially I was intrigued by the notion of a vegan cinnamon bun.  Would it be cinnamon-y, just the way I like? Will the texture be right? And let’s not forget the icing! I’ve got standards you know.

The quick and dirty answer is: yes, it can be done and it can be done very well.

As soon as I received my buns from Flourgirl Baking, I dove right in.  These buns are definitely cinnamon-y, tender and dense at the same time.

It was very satisfying.  Russ asked me, “How is it?” I’d already finished one. I couldn’t even bring myself to share with him. I smiled and said “Yummy. You can have one after I take pictures.”

Mitch and Diane are the duo behind Flourgirl. Their story of venturing into Vancouver vegan baking is a fun one.

Mitch had a cinnamon bun craving.  So he asked Diane if she wanted to try to recreate a childhood delicacy of his.  The ones Mitch remembers are the Save On Foods cinnamon buns. According to him, they were best when they were a day old and microwaved with the icing on. (Right on, Mitch, you and I are on the same page as we both have “nostagia standards”.)

After a week of research, baking, and tweaking, Diane had nailed it. The perfect vegan cinnamon bun was born.  Mitch and Diane knew that the world needed these buns. They decided that they would deliver them at any cost.

These two twenty-somethings work fast. Within a week, Flourgirl’s website and e-commerce was in place and they started delivering buns all around downtown Vancouver.  

Don’t you love a good story?  I always want people to succeed in what they are passionate about.  When I spoke with Mitch and Diane, they expressed gratitude for all the support they received while starting out, and a desire to keep it simple and create goodness.

Eventually, their 390 sq ft apartment became too small. And at least one of them needed to take the reins, quit their other job, and make vegan cinnamon buns full time. So Mitch quit his job and they moved into a local commissary kitchen.  Flourgirl vegan cinnamon buns were in 10 cafes within a few months. As an environmentally responsible business, they have 100% compostable packaging and down the road they would like to be 100% certified organic.

I am a fan and I’m thinking you will be as well.  Now head out and find yourself some Flourgirl vegan cinnamon buns. I’m not joking when I say it’s some of the best Vancouver vegan baking you could try.

You can find Flourgirl Bakery buns at these locations

Order directly online here


By Karen, April 24, 2019
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