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Simply Delish: Handmade, local food in Langley, BC that’s unmissable

  • July 9, 2019
  • By Karen
Simply Delish: Handmade, local food in Langley, BC that’s unmissable

Simply Delish provides vegan, handmade, local food in Langley, BC, and you’ve got to try it.  I’ve met owners Chelsey and Brad Hawkings in the Fraser Valley food scene and I just love how bubbly and friendly they both are.   Seriously, watch Chelsey’s insta stories– her sweet personality will make you laugh. 

My favourite is the Mexican Taco Soup. I am a serious Mexican food addict so you can see that Simply Delish and I make the perfect duo.  I am not a vegan so I add chicken in my soup and make it in my instapot.  I appreciate the nutritional foundation Simply Delish provides to not only vegans but also non-vegans like myself. 

Even though Simply Delish is a staple of local food in Langley, BC, you’ll find them everywhere– and I mean everywhere– at markets and events on the weekend.  

Brad’s mom, Paulette, started Simply Delish Soup and Salad and it grew faster than anyone anticipated.  Next thing you know, they added events to their schedule and then stores were approaching them for their quality product. Growth!

A few short years after that, Brad and Chelsey were working full time with Brad’s parents running Simply Delish.  And then in September of 2016 Brad and Chelsey took over the whole operation and Simply Delish Artisan Enterprises was born. Now, all of their products are vegan, as well as gluten and MSG free. 

Chelsey says, “We take great pride in sourcing the highest quality ingredients and believe quality is always superior to quantity.” I am doing the Oprah dance over here because I am 100% on board with this in all aspects of my life.  Woop. They choose to support and work with locally owned independent retail stores who share those same values. 

I met up with Chelsey at the Trout Lake Market and saw they had a new product on the shelves: Fun Guy Risotto.  I do think they are about fun as well as quality. For example, here’s the story behind the name of the newly launched product: 

“We did an Instagram contest to see what names our customers wanted. Our favourite was from a long time customer who suggested ‘this Fuy Gui Risotto has unquestionable morels’. We loved it so we just tweaked it a bit. We get cheekier and cheekier with our name choices as the years go by.”

They say the best part of the business is attending markets and events. In what was a big deal for the Fraser Valley food scene, they organized the First Fort Langley Vegan Market in late April this year with proceeds going to the Fort Langley School breakfast program.  Yet another thing I love about Chelsey and Brad! They agree that connection with people is the most rewarding part of their business.

They have many business ideas rolling around. Here are two that are sprouting: 1. getting on the road and taking their products to new shows and events; and 2. the launch of their soup trailer. Cool!

You can find Simply Delish at these local markets

Or at these retail stores


By Karen, July 9, 2019
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