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BobAli Foods: Local Vancouver dips and spreads with full-on flavour

  • July 24, 2019
  • By Karen
BobAli Foods: Local Vancouver dips and spreads with full-on flavour

Are you as interested as I am as to how the local Vancouver food producer BobAli Foods got their name?  It was the first question I asked them. Inquiring minds need to know, right?! Well, Moe, one of dips and spreads company BobAli’s partners, has the answer: its homage to their parents. Moe’s dad’s name is Bob and Parviz’s dad’s name is Ali.  

The local Vancouver food producer scene was a natural fit for this partnership. Moe and Parviz have worked in the restaurant industry for many years. At one point, they found there was a lack of creative and flavourful dips and spreads available at grocery stores. So they decided to start selling their own creations at local markets. There was no game plan in place for BobAli Foods at its inception, except for creating great tasting dips and spreads from healthy, clean ingredients. And they pulled off this game plan with panache! 

I am certainly glad they did. I had the pleasure of tasting a few of their dips and spreads and making my own creations with them. With their mint pesto, I made a pesto based pizza topped with thinly sliced tomatoes and parmesan cheese. Delicious! And I have to say that their truffle hummus has the smoothest texture.  If you are a truffle fan go and get some of this hummus. I also taste-tested the olive beet tapenade dip which is the ideal balance of olives and beets. But all of BobAli’s dips and spreads have full-on flavour!

Having simple, fresh, quality ingredients is a must for BobAli. A very cool fact about their hummus: it’s made from dried chickpeas that are soaked overnight before cooking. This is done in order to eliminate the oligosaccharides that cause digestion issues.  They also use extra virgin olive oil in their dips and spreads for added nutrition and taste.  

This local Vancouver food producer uses a unique, perforated, wraparound label which bears the tagline ‘Rip it to dip it’.  I am trying to figure out which flavour I am going to rip into next… most likely the Thai green coconut curry hummus or perhaps the satay peanut and yam to dip my chicken skewers in.  The flavours are undeniably wonderful so I will be trying them all. 

BobAli Foods can be found in stores from downtown Vancouver to Yarrow. Don’t miss them! 

Check out store locations and local farmers market dates here


By Karen, July 24, 2019
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