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Feast of Fields: Bring an appetite to this gourmet harvest festival featuring Vancouver’s local food producers

  • October 2, 2019
  • By Karen
Feast of Fields: Bring an appetite to this gourmet harvest festival featuring Vancouver’s local food producers

When I picked up my wine glass and cloth napkin at Richmond’s Feast of Fields gourmet harvest festival, I knew it was going to be a great afternoon. The event, designed to show off Vancouver’s local food producers and allow the farm folk to mingle with the city folk (like me), is incredible. But here’s the thing: this was undoubtedly a grazing event and I had no idea how I was going to eat, drink, and take pictures of all the pretty things at the same time. But because I’m a strategic thinker, I tucked my white napkin into my jeans pocket. One less item in my hands.

The event was divided into two sections at Rabbit River Farm (which I’ve written about recently).  Live music was playing, setting a breezy, fun tone. Best of all, you could go and visit the Rabbit River Farm chickens. I did. They are happy free-range chickens, just doing their thing and producing delicious eggs. 

When it came to eating, I headed straight for tacos, because, its tacos! The Tacomio line was about 20 deep but it went super quick and I was able to enjoy some delicious pickled onions. 

Then there was a salad from Tuc Kitchen with a great champagne dressing.  It was a tad fizzy in the mouth and just so good.  

Fable Diner was up next with some tidbits on a cracker. I enjoyed the duck ham with apple two ways (pickled and pureed), as well as the sea salt and ruby cress microgreen on a hard wheat winter cracker.

Heading on over to the second side of Feast of Fields, we stopped in at the silent auction tables, where all things tasty were being auctioned off, including my favourite kombucha, Hoochy Booch!

Over on the other side of this gourmet harvest festival, the Jamjar served up some tabbouleh topped with chicken meatballs in tomato sauce.

Ernest Ice Cream mini cones were being scooped up. If you haven’t had their salted caramel you are missing out!  We went twice– shhh, don’t tell.

Fairmont Vancouver Airport served up some tasty braised angus short ribs. I appreciated the savoury and perfectly prepared protein. 

Jules and Gabi had some flaky pastries to try. We had blackberry and raspberry ones. Delectable, melt in your mouth fare. 

Whiskey 6 BBQ served up some smoked pulled pork sliders. Rich and smoky for sure!

A brand new local food producer, Salty Cabbage, was showcasing at Feast to Fields and their hot kimchi was excellent. Look out for these guys. 

On site at Klippers Organic is Row Fourteen restaurant, which launched this summer, was serving up some delicious red and golden coal roasted beets topped with labneh (i.e., yogourt cheese), onion ash, and crispy sage.  Wonderful on the taste buds. I hear their cider is pretty great too. I feel the Similkameen Valley calling me.

Then I met the Bubble Bus. Clearly I thought that meant champagne so I b-lined it over there.  I met the lovely bubbly husband and wife team behind this Victoria-based mobile bubble-making business.  Guess what? They just bought a Vancouver addition and it’s for rent as well as their bubble carts. I want an event to host so they will come.  I am also thinking Prosecco! Anyone else?

If this reads like an exhaustive list of vendors, it by no means is! So many of Vancouver’s local food producers are at Feast of Fields. 

I apologize to all the craft beer and wine vendors as I am off alcohol at the moment.  My one exception was Wild Goose Vineyards because I love their Riesling and I wanted to taste test their Gewurztraminer for Thanksgiving dinner.  (The findings are in: I will be getting some Gewurztraminer for the dinner table.)

I enjoyed every conversation I had with the vendors and participants.  Luckily, the Vancouver weather was just perfect for this grazing event, and everybody had a ball together. 

Make sure you put in your calendars that this gourmet harvest festival happens every year. If you are a foodie like me, you’ll want to check out this exceptionally well run food and beverage event.  Show your love for Vancouver’s local food producers.  

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By Karen, October 2, 2019
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