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The Phamily Table: Vietnamese inspired sauces and catering that tell a family story

  • November 19, 2019
  • By Karen
The Phamily Table: Vietnamese inspired sauces and catering that tell a family story

Brandon Pham, founder of the Vancouver Vietnamese catering company The Phamily Table, knew his calling at a young age.  

He worked with his mom in the family kitchen at 12 years old, pickling vegetables using their Vietnamese heritage craft.  He never could shake the aromas of the spices that filled their house.

Even at that early age, he knew he was hooked — he was going to be a chef.  His journey in the culinary industry began right after high school when he attended the Vancouver Community College Culinary Arts program.  He then proceeded to do his apprenticeship in Vancouver at the Westin Wall Centre. 

Brandon filled out his repertoire by working in upscale fine dining restaurants in Vancouver.  

He then contracted the travel bug and headed over to Copenhagen to gain more experience at Michelin star restaurants. (As a Michelin Restaurant groupie, you know I think this sounds like the most fun you could have in the world.)

But then Brandon had an epiphany. He wanted to return home to Vancouver and rediscover his roots and what it means to be a Vietnamese Canadian. So he launched The Phamily Table in May 2017 as a Vancouver Vietnamese catering company focusing on private dinners. 

The Phamily Table showcases local products and ingredients, using Brandon’s heritage as inspiration. This Vancouver Vietnamese catering company offers an evolving, ingredient-driven menu, rich with the flavours of Brandon’s memories.

Brandon says his “dishes are inspired by our cultures, as well as respect for ingredients, nature, and the place where we live: Vancouver.”

Brandon felt the best way to share his heritage was to create a line of Vietnamese inspired sauces that has locally sourced ingredients.  He is adamant that their production is local as well as Canadian. The sauce line is creating a legacy for his family and honoring his mother, who started Brandon on his culinary journey.

Two options are available now: hot sauce and a sweet sauce. 

Plus– you heard it here first –the product line is expanding in 2020. Two more Vietnamese inspired sauces are being added to The Phamily Table. Brandon also plans to place his sauces in more retail locations and restaurants. “One jar at a time,” he says.

As a hot sauce lover, I added the Phamily Table’s hot sauce to my turkey Bolognese sauce and– oh my, people –it was great.  

It gave it that kick that I like.  Besides being spicy, it also has a very slight smoky flavour.  The vinegar in the sauce rounds it out and is quite smooth.

Fun fact: Brandon created The Phamily Table logo when he was 10 years old. When you look at the logo, you can see that it contains an herb, a heart, and his initials, BP. Simple and significant.  

Plus, how fitting is it that Brandon’s last name is Pham? I love a good Pham gathering!

Join Brandon’s family and mine as well at The Phamily Table sometime. 

You can get their Vietnamese inspired sauces here.  


By Karen, November 19, 2019
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