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Come, let us have some tea; Woash Wellness, a blend of holistic teas

  • February 20, 2020
  • By Karen
Come, let us have some tea; Woash Wellness, a blend of holistic teas

Who knew that savoring a hot cup of tea with your Oma would become the thing that got you up every morning? No alarm clock necessary.

That’s exactly how Cassy Vantriet began her love affair with tea.

Soon, tea time became ‘me’ time for Cassy, and her innocent morning cups grew into an obsession (complete with lots of milk and sugar, of course!).

The seed had been planted.

Cassy’s love blossomed into founding Woash, a Vancouver-based loose leaf tea brand that links traditional herbal medicine and modern wellness. 

(Fun fact: The name “Woash” is an onomatopoeia adopted from the sound of moving water. It’s actually pronounced Woooshhh! )

Woash Wellness takes special care to deliver its high-quality teas too – the company partners with local Vancouver suppliers and sustainable global farms, selects only certified organic ingredients, and leaves out all additives: sugar, sweetener, and natural or artificial flavourings.  

A little different from sipping tea with her Oma.

So, what sparked Cassy’s unexpected entrepreneurial journey?

Self-discovery and exploration. 

“What are you going to be when you grow up?” is one of the most frustrating questions for those of us who didn’t nail down the answer by our late teens. The pressure to figure it out can be overwhelming, and Cassy had begun to feel it.   She readily admits that traveling South East Asia and Central & South America was likely an escape measure from that burning question.

But escape or no, traveling fueled the curiosity that ultimately led her to new heights in her knowledge and love for tea. 

In Cassy’s visits to various tea plantations, she learned the value of herbs as medicine, a tradition, and a legacy within each community.

This is where her passion and curiosity met.  

Upon returning to Canada, Cassy couldn’t find the same health-beneficial blends of teas back home.  Enter her entrepreneurial spark: Cassy saw a need and was committed to fulfilling it.

But how? 

“The roller coaster ride was just starting…” she says. “This is the entrepreneurial journey that most people don’t talk about – self-doubt, procrastination, and a whole lot of avoiding to keep us safe.” 

Fast forward four years later, Cassy took a Spanish class in Honduras and found the answer to her question there. Conversations were had. Insights were gained. 

Finally, armed with knowledge, Cassy jumped full-force into entrepreneurship (with all the bumps and bruises). 

Cassy is now halfway through her second year growing Woash Wellness, and the company is aiming to be the #1 holistic loose-leaf tea blend in North America.  

Interested in giving it a try?

Well, since Woash Wellness is creating a more modern approach to the ‘traditional’ tea industry, they encourage you (the tea-drinking community) to have a check-in with yourself first.

From there, you can choose the tea blend that supports and enhances your desired health benefits and unique needs. 

You may want to try a peppermint and fennel tea specially blended for digestion (my personal favorite). 

Or perhaps you’ll want to try a creamy milk oolong tea (sans the dairy) to regain focus during a bout of afternoon sluggishness. 

But whichever tea blend you try first, don’t forget it’s pronounced Woooshh.

 As in “Woooshh, isn’t this a fabulous tea!”

You can shop Woash Wellness online here or at their stocklist here

And to keep with the latest from the company, follow Woash Wellness here!


By Karen, February 20, 2020
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