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What is an Indian pickle, anyway?

  • March 4, 2020
  • By Karen
What is an Indian pickle, anyway?

Let’s talk Indian pickles. 

Achaar Indian pickles are a sweet and spicy condiment that differs from your traditional pickles.

Why? Because you will want to put these on everything. Every. Thing.

In India, ‘pickles’ are what we North Americans call ‘chutney.’ 

Now that you’re up to speed, a little more about this incredible company…

Meet Chef Karen Andrews and Operations Director Fenella Fownes – the women behind an eggplant pickle recipe that has reached global status. 

Fenella’s renowned family recipe started as a side gig for friends and relatives.

Born and raised in India, there Fenella later met Karen, and the friendship turned into a lifelong partnership.

This would be the start of Lil’ Paddy’s pickles.

Who wouldn’t want eggplant pickle, Karen thought as she spread the delicacy on her bread every morning. 

Everyone needs to have these in their life. 

This was her a-ha moment, and she began tweaking her traditional recipe;  whipping up her own home version of Indian Achaar pickles, unknowingly creating what would become Lil’ Paddy’s Pickles.

And this unique name, of course, has a story… 

When Karen started to put her own spin on the pickles, Paddy, a relative of Fenella’s, started calling her “Lil’ Paddy” and the name stuck.

Now living in China, the two began the lil’ business of pickles in Hong Kong in 2013.

However, it wasn’t long before the duo became a trio with Vancouver-based tattoo artist Alex Prachthauser.

Equipped with a background in design and marketing, Alex came on board as the creative director in 2018 when the company relocated to Canada. And a more dynamic trio there might never have been.

As expected, Lil’ Paddy’s Pickles have integrity, quality, and consistency at the top of their list of business practices, especially in the kitchen. 

Working out of  YVR prep (a commercial kitchen), this team of ladies has all hands on deck, freshly grinding the fragrant spices and chopping the produce. 

 “We are extracting our tamarind paste by hand –  no jarred stuff over here,” says Fenella. 

The three pickle varieties are apple, eggplant, and mango, each one with a distinct taste.  

They also contain zero preservatives and are vegan and gluten-free.

(Can’t decide which to try first? Lil Paddy’s has a travel package with all three pickle flavours in 125ml jars.)

And yes, I do have a favourite: the apple. Its spicy yet rich and mellow depth of flavour is outstanding! As mentioned earlier, it belongs on EVERYTHING.

This year, Lil’ Paddy’s mixes the perfect motto into their business plan: 

Keep saying ‘yes’ until you can say ‘no’.  

The young company’s optimism keeps them expansive in a space where new opportunities live around every corner.


New product announcement: Lil’ Paddy’s family is expanding into its 4th product –  a Sweet Onion Chutney! Pretty sure I will be lovin’ this too!  You read it here first my pickle lovin’ friends, sweet onion chutney is on its way.

You can buy Lil Paddy’s pickles here or visit a stockist here!

You can follow them on IG here!

By Karen, March 4, 2020
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