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Covid-19 + All. The. Things.

  • May 8, 2020
  • By Karen
Covid-19 + All. The. Things.

I know the whole idea is to be upbeat and positive because “this too shall pass.” 

But the truth is, I constantly go from spurts of “I’m all good’ to “WTF is this real?”

Yet COVID has given me lots of things – health and fitness being number one.

Health and Fitness

I did a couple of workouts on my deck and then two of my girlfriends who are both fitness instructors took their workouts online. 

Holy moly, did they kick start my at-home fitness.  

Humongous shout outs to Juanita fiton45th (in Edmonton) and Kelly @ohanawellnessandyoga (in New Westminster)!

Honestly, I always told myself that this “working-out-at-home-thing” wouldn’t work for me. Why? 


Okay, I don’t have a good reason for you. 

I think I just always went with “that wouldn’t work for me.” 

Plus, I thought it would be hard to get motivated for!

Holy great balls of fire, was I wrong!  It gave me purpose, got me off my phone, pumped for the day, sweating bullets …. shall I continue, or do you get the picture?!

Movement every damn day has been FANTASTIC.

My body is loving it, I am lovin’ it, and I am stronger for it!

Intentionality + Slowing Down

Movement has created bandwidth in my head and has allowed more creative time for me.

I’ve  intentionally spent more time on cooking and food photography. This is good because normally my go-to is feeling like I gotta get all the things done and leaving zero time for learning and understanding.

No Karen, s.l.o.w. down, you have the time. 

See I had time for a face mask too!!

Internal Reward/Satisfaction

Time has always felt like an enemy.  Something I needed to beat.

It’s like when I smoked cigarettes I’d use time and tasks as a measuring stick. Once I did the task, I could have the cigarette. It was a reward (ya I know weird).

Moving past cigarettes, I think I am still ‘doing’ with the expectation of a physical reward.

(Anyone else?)

This is what I suggest you do differently: Reframe the reward idea to an internal feeling. 

I get the kudos inside after I finish a task or cross an item off the to-do list. That feeling is the reward, and now that task is an accomplishment. 

Staying at Home

Now moving on to staying at home.

Staying at home is a blessing.  Being asked to stay here for the wellbeing of others is honestly one of the easiest things I’ve done. It not only helps me, but also our beloved Mother Earth.

Don’t get me wrong – I miss my family, my friends, and leaving the house. And traveling!

But by staying home, I’ve used less gas, and I wear the same outfits on repeat (except workout gear, that’s gross) so there’s less laundry. I’ve slowed my days down, been more creative, spent a gigantic amount of time in the kitchen and learning about my DSLR

camera, and played more games. I’ve reorganized drawers and realized that vacuuming is a pleasure for me.

Yes, all of these things seem insignificant by themselves, but when added together, our Earth is better and so am I.

Unwrapping Presents

Slower living has also given me this tidbit to digest.

‘I am continuously evolving. I am 52, and I’ve just wrapped my head around this. It’s such a wonderful thought that I am continually unwrapping a better version of myself.  It’s like the never-ending unwrapping of a birthday present.’

(Take a deep breath and let that one sink in! That’s you too, ya know!!)

We don’t have to know everything right this minute. We don’t need to have the career that’s going to take us to our retirement years. At this moment, what’s unfolding….pardon me, what’s unwrapping for you?

Just start there and keep unwrapping!

More Passion for Food + Cooking

Being in the kitchen has always been a love of mine, and it has elevated during this COVID time.  I’ve made more “experiments” (aka yummy things) than ever before.   

I didn’t get on the sourdough bread bandwagon but I did make banana bread 100x.

As a lover of local foods and the lovely people behind the products, my support of them has taken a higher level.  I am loving the delivery options that are available to us right now. Collectives are being formed to support not only the food producer/farmer by highlighting their products, but those products are getting to the consumers who want the fabulous local goodness.  The chefs are putting together meal options for families, donating food, and delivering too.  I had 2 home deliveries of chef Dennis Peckham’s delicious cookies.

Chef Dennis Peckham delish cookies

My heart is with them because they are heroes too!!  

Pesto – your way
Banana Scones

Less is More

I have become hyper-aware that having fewer things is much more peaceful.  Our homes and our heads can get too cloudy with all. the. things.  

(Have you noticed this too? Try opening your spice drawer and see how you feel!!)

Let’s start UN-collecting!

Permission for Myself

Some sort of permission for myself has happened too.  I am goofy, silly, random, and unpredictable, and honestly, sometimes I don’t even know what I am saying.

There was this time when my kiddos were small. It was a hot and sweaty summer afternoon, and we were at our neighbour’s house. The kiddos’ little pool was filled right up. They were whiny as all get out, and Tania and I were quite content to sit on the covered patio and sip an adult beverage.  I jumped on the tricycle knees all buckled, arms out to high heaven, helmet on (because safety first) and slowly peddled down the cement path and tipped myself right into the kiddo pool.

Yep, fully clothed and on purpose – that’s how random and highly unpredictable I am. I had those kiddos laughing and giggling into the next few hours. 

(Holy, I used the word kiddo a lot.)


My point is that I am allowing myself to be more random.  I am giving fewer you-know-whats about what people think of me and less time second-guessing my conversations. Are you anything like this?  Rethinking the convo to see if you’ve made any mistakes?!? 

When I realllllly think of this, it’s absurd.

This is called permission to give less you know whats.


By Karen, May 8, 2020
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