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Living the Sweet Life with Kidd Bros. Honey

  • April 9, 2020
  • By Karen
Living the Sweet Life with Kidd Bros. Honey

When a company you’re blogging about is just shy of the age of the city you live in you take some notes from the elders.  Or is that just me?

No not just me, you’ll definitely want to hear about this long standing company that produces non GMO honey.

My favorite way to have my honey is with almond butter – almond butter and honey hands down.

What’s yours?

Kidd Bros. Honey was established in 1884 making it the oldest honey company across the provinces.  Its first home was in Kitsilano in the heart of Vancouver. In 1964 the warehouse and store moved to Burnaby and another move in 2012 to its current location at the Cloverdale/Langley border which is where we gained international recognition.

Ed and Diane Stubson along with their daughter Chelsea are the fifth generation of beekeepers in the Kidd Bros. Honey lifespan.  Don’t you just love this legacy? I sure do.

There are three branches to the delicious honey that Kidd Bros. Honey produces.  The original line of products in the Kidd Bros. Honey Family was established in 1884, next there’s Queen’s Bee in 1932 and the baby of the pack is Western Sage in 2012. 

Kidd Bros. Honey is a pure honey, it is RAW, natural, Canadian honey, kosher certified, CFIA, USFDA, and internationally approved.  Makes my heart sing this natural delicious product.

The original line includes alfalfa clover liquid honey and Pure Royal Jelly among many others.  The Pure Royal Jelly is a potent antioxidant renowned for its ability to increase your immunity, improve your energy as well as its anti-aging properties. I think we can all agree that this is a stellar product. But wait, there are two more product lines.

The Queen Bee line was started in 1932 and contains the Queen Bee properties.  This line brings us “Bee Magic’ which is chalked full of nutrition and has a combo of honey, pollen and royal jelly in a single jar.

Pure Bee Pollen is available in this line as well.  Bee Pollen has been identified as an antioxidant source helping to protect your body from free radicals.  

My love for cinnamon just got brighter when I tried the newest product line.  It’s Cinnamon honey. Lordy people, it’s divine, right from the spoon or shall I say spoonfuls.  The cinnamon is pure and comes from Ceylon in Sri Lanka, its ground down and added into honey is part of the line they call “Western Sage”.  

This branch of Kidd Bros. Honey is the baby and was established in 2012.   There’s alway a story. This story is that Diane and Chelsea wanted to open a Western store. The idea was to sell western apparel alongside Sage bonsai trees.  This is how the third line in the Kidd Bros. found its name “Western Sage”. 

Glacier Honey was born in this new line of products. Glacier Honey is known for its smooth and creamy texture that will forever stay perfectly spreadable.  Diane was working with the honey and recreated a childhood favourite – Cinnamon honey!  I am so glad she did – and you will be too!!

Back to the Western store for a moment — the launch date for the store opening was fast approaching and in addition, the demand for the Glacier Honey and Cinnamon honey was growing rapidly too.  These two products were in so much demand from suppliers that the store never did open and they propelled right into the launch of Western Sage Honey the third brand label under Kidd Bros. Honey.

Flavoured honeys in the line now include ; Lemon Honey, Raspberry Honey, Maple Honey and more.

KB Honey is a deep rooted company in our local food producer family. A company that is built on integrity, quality, sustainability and clean health practices.  With being a 5th generation family operated company, I’d say the bee keepers are strong and they know how to work with the bees and make sure they stay happy and healthy.  We love happy and healthy bees!

Community support you bet!  KB is all about spreading local love through the honey they donate gift baskets for draws, raffles and fundraising events.  

Kidd Bros. newest initiative is to grow their line of products in the local community (let’s get the word out), into more local including speciality stores (excellent house warming gift or perhaps a wedding favors?).

Did you know that honey is the sweetest food found in nature? 

Stay sweet – go and get some KB Honey!!

You can find more information on Kidd Bros. Honey you can contact the hive here!

You can follow them on IG here!

This is a quick and delicious way to enjoy a warm ‘toddy’ anytime

Hot water, KB honey, a whole lemon stir it up (might I suggest the cinnamon honey, Alfalfa cream, Alfalfa Clover, Queen Bee liquid, Queen Bee Ginger Boost, Cinnamon Honey, Glacier Honey – Who am I kidding any one of their products would be a welcomed addition to this hot toddy beverage!


By Karen, April 9, 2020
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