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Why I Started a Blog at 50!

  • July 25, 2018
  • By Karen
Why I Started a Blog at 50!


Women after 50…how are you using your hard-won wisdom and all the energy you have left for living? Are you exploring new settings, building something, taking time to rest, or all of the above?

Me…when I turned 50, I decided to start a blog about seeking out experiences of life-enriching quality: traveling, wine, food, and relationships. I wanted to create a resource for you, a woman who wants to be living your best life after 50.

And why? I simply wanted to create something that was mine. That’s what “thriving after 50” means to me.

For half of my life—25 years!—I’ve been on an all-consuming journey. When you become a wife and a mother it’s like strapping yourself into a roller coaster that lasts for decades. It’s incredibly fun and occasionally breath-takingly scary, but no matter what, you can’t get off early.

Now, I wouldn’t change this journey I took for anything in the world. But now I hunger for more womanhood connections, more juicy conversations, more elevated experiences, and a creation of my own. I want a platform for nurturing connections with women who want to talk about lifestyle as a means for thriving after 50.

I do think that women with newly adult children can relate to the experience of having time to create more for themselves without feeling guilty. And the fact is, when you’re a little older, you’re likely to have a stronger sense of what you like and a bit more disposable cash for getting it. We’re in a great place to talk about quality experiences and living your best life after 50.

Do any of you have memories of being shushed as a little kid? Oh my, in my family, there was just so little communication sometimes. My parents talked about important things behind closed doors. And I remember always thinking, “When I grow up, I will talk too many!” I repeated it to myself over and over again.

This is me “talking too many” now.

I’ll be honest: it scares me to do this. When I was launching this blog, I kept thinking, “You’re 50; why would anyone pay attention to what you’re doing?” Then it struck me: “Wow…this culture has really taught me— and the women around me—to devalue the voice of older women.”

That’s not ok with me. That’s not remotely ok with me. My fellow women after 50, we are not disposable. We are rich with experience. We have refined tastes and well-cultivated appetites for living. We have so much to share. The time is now.

My hope for this blog is that women intent on thriving after 50 will find exactly what they’re looking for here. I want to give women permission for living your best life after 50. I want to give women after 50 permission for finding joy everyday.

I believe that by being myself, it will allow others to show their true selves as well. I’ve spent a lot of my life masquerading. Trying to fit in. It all seemed ok until it didn’t. Slow change and self reflection brought me to a place of greater self acceptance. Now, I am the lady who talks to everyone, the lady who laughs out loud randomly. I am the lady who asks questions—lots and lots of questions— until she understands.

I’m the lady who can’t get enough quality experiences. And out of all of these quality experiences, there’s nothing better than an engaging conversation that provokes thought and feeling.


Join the community today and let’s have those conversations together!



By Karen, July 25, 2018
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  • shannon
    July 26, 2018

    love the new site sister!

  • Kristin
    July 26, 2018

    I LOVE this Karen. Even though I am not 50 yet I can totally relate to the idea that older women are not people to listen too.. Now more than ever we NEED our Wise Women to step forward and speak up. We are the healers and the changers! So so proud of you. Thank you for shining your light. Can’t wait to learn more on your hard-won wisdom xo

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