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My 11 Favourite August Things

  • August 1, 2018
  • By Karen
My 11 Favourite August Things



I love travelling.  These are favourites of mine when getting on a plane and jetting off to see the world.  Russ and I are heading out on a European adventure soon and these things will be in my suitcase/carry-on.  There are many more to share and I will soon.


It’s great to have some favourites to take with you to make your travelling experience a great one!  As you can see its heavy on the electronics. Our electronics do allow us to share as well as connect and guess what – they also let us to be creative.  Its inspirational.


Travelling equals adventure to me.  I am so excited about every adventure I go on.


  1. Sunglasses

Love the large square frames.  They are a favourite (plus they look good on my oval face)


  1. Hat

Raffia weave for easy packability.  Neutral tone for outfit versatility! Beach days as well as adventuring days.


    3.  Wrap

A favourite of mine to have on the plane and when out in the evening.  A blend of cotton and wool, so it’s soft, cozy and easy to pack.


    4.  Ipad

Taking my ipad is a must for when I am travelling for awhile.  I have all my electronics synced all up so I can get all I need with this ipad.


    5.  Ipad case

Ipad smart cover for protection of the front screen as well as wakes up when you open it and when you close it it sleeps.


   6.  Water Bottle

Hydration is key to every body.  Many airports and hotels have the capability to refill when needed!!


    7.  Journal

I am a huge journaller.  This brand is my favourite.  Worth the weight as they are sturdy and has perforated pages too!


8.  Essential Oil

Travelling with Peppermint essential oil improves mental focus and clarity, is a pick me up in times of stress.  Peppermint is a respiratory and digestive focused oil, so can improve upset stomachs and help soothe digestive issues.


    9.  Airpods

Wireless and turns on and connects to your devices as soon as you pull the out of the charging cas  e.  15 minutes in the case gives you 3 hours of listening pleasure.


    10.  Portable Battery

This is in the carry on for sure, then heads into Russ’ backpack for sightseeing adventuring.  Provides quick charge of up to 3 devices simultaneously.


    11.  Travel Adapter

Universal world travel charger. Proper voltage.  A must when travelling the world.



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By Karen, August 1, 2018
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