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10 Golf Tips For Women (Beginners)

  • August 8, 2018
  • By Karen
10 Golf Tips For Women (Beginners)

I put together this list of golf tips for women because, in my opinion, this sport is a great way to relax. And if there’s one thing most women I know need more of, it’s relaxation. Note that these are my women’s golf tips for beginners because I’m by no means a professional caliber player. (But I’m no slouch on the green either.)


I started golfing when my kids were small.  I took group lessons with the neighbour ladies, but I wasn’t serious about it like my husband Russ, an avid golfer and a member of the Vancouver Golf Club. Then, as the kids got older and more involved in their activities and I went into an “extreme volunteer mode”, golfing was history.  


I thought, “Goodness, why am I going to spend 4+ hours hitting a little ball around when I could be doing something more productive?”  


Spring forward to my kids being able to take care of themselves and me releasing the need to volunteer for everything. At that point, I began to chill out more regularly and started getting curious about golf again. I dusted off my clubs and became a beginner golfer again, taking lessons with Mike Heenan at the Vancouver Golf Club. Now, my favourite thing to do is to hit the golf course on a summer eve and play with Russ.


So, as mentioned, I’m by no means a pro, but I do feel I can share some women’s golf tips for beginners. Especially when I have Mike’s help to write this post (thanks again Mike and Jaya too)!


Here they are, my top 10 golf tips for women:

1. Practice golf course etiquette.  The one furthest away from the pin hits first (also known as the flag hits first).  And again, the one furthest away from the flag putts first. And keeping up with the pace of play is important; be ready to take your turn when it comes up. A round of golf should take 4 to 4.5 hours.

2. Keep a notebook/pad in your golf bag to record how far you hit the ball.  This could be something you use at the driving range too.  You’ll learn which clubs to use faster and see improvements in your playing.

3. Keep your bag organized! Knowing where all of your various clubs belong helps with the flow of the game.

4. Be prepared for your next shot.  Mentally work what club you’ll use ahead of time. When leaving the cart, do your best to anticipate your next shot, i.e., take our your putter or your sand wedge.

5. Practice does make you better.  If you take the extra time to make a “driving range” appointment with yourself, you will see results on the course.

6. Be aware of the cart rules at each course.  For example, most golf courses don’t allow for carts to be driven too close the greens. 

7. Mark your ball if you are in line with another golfer in your foursome on the green. Note that you place the mark directly behind your ball. There are so many options for balls markers- clips, coins, and even bejeweled ones.

8. Take lessons. Group lessons are an encouraging option when you are just beginning. Get some great golf swing tips. The Chardonnay with your friends after lessons is optional—but recommended!

9. Show up early and then chill out. No rushing to the tee.

10. Golf with women’s clubs.  Out of all of my golf tips for women, this might be the most important one. They are lighter and they make the ball go higher with ease.  You’ll have a more enjoyable time.  Forget your husband’s old clubs. There are many women’s options. If you aren’t sure about what to buy, rent clubs and see what feels best for you.  Many courses have clubs for rentals.  And rental clubs are usually newer too!



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By Karen, August 8, 2018
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