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The Best Golf Accessories to have on a Golf Vacation

  • August 22, 2018
  • By Karen
The Best Golf Accessories to have on a Golf Vacation

I’ve already declared my love of golf (in this blog post.) Teeing off is a terrific way to turn off stress. (And most women need more of that.)

So when you mix golf with vacationing—and top it all off with just the right women’s golf accessories, you’ve got just the right recipe for serious relaxation. Equip yourself with these must have golf accessories to get the maximum out of your me time!

You see, golf equipment isn’t the easiest thing to pack around. Getting in and out of cars, navigating airports, winding your way through check in lines for special screenings…knowing exactly what women’s golf accessories to bring and bringing only these things is key.

The best golf accessories to have on your next unforgettable vacation are:

A golf travel bag

Overall, the Sun Mountain Meridian golf travel bag makes lugging your clubs around the airport a breeze. I personally love it for its kickstand. Golf Digest has rated this an Editor’s Choice and for good reason—this is definitely one of your must have golf accessories.


If you’re spending 4 hours out on the course, sunscreen is a must. Sun Bum Sunscreen is Mike’s (my Vancouver Golf Club PGA Professional instructor) favourite.  It smells like coconut and it’s a spray-on that keeps your hands clean. The Sun Bum lip balm is great too!

Bug Repellent

I have recently added this to my golf bag.  In the early morning and during the evening, the really nasty bugs are hanging around. This Terrashield product is a natural and effective bug repellent.

An extra golf glove

Keep an extra golf glove in your bag just in case you misplace yours or it happens to get wet. You don’t want to have to try playing with a wet glove—trust me!

A range finder

A range finder is one of my must have golf accessories because it can save you a lot of frustration. It will give you an accurate number to the pin.  (And don’t forget an extra set of batteries.)

A hat

A hat or visor should definitely take priority when you’re packing. This one is my favourite! I like having a light one and a dark one to change up my golf attire. (Women’s golf accessories have to take fashion into account, right?)


Sunglasses are a must. I have a pair very similar to these polarized Oakley sunglasses for women.  They are lightweight and fashionable too. (What did I just say about women’s golf accessories?)

Socks that fit

A great fitting sock is one of the best golf accessories to have. Personally, I prefer low profile socks.  These socks are made with all natural merino wool and they have a bit of stretch that I love.

Clothes to layer

If you’re out in the early morning or evening, temperatures can be cool. Bring a sweater or a wind jacket for layering. I prefer a vest.

Birdie juice

When you get one, you’re going to need to celebrate, right?  Butterscotch schnapps is my favourite. Of course, if your golf vacation involves flying you will need to pick up your birdie juice when you land. (Something else to consider is possibly purchasing golf balls at your destination, since they add weight.)

I am a fair weather golfer so I haven’t included rain gear on my list….BUT if I was going to purchase some, it would be this Sun Mountain jacket and these pants because they are weather-proof, stretchy, and breathable.

These are the best golf accessories to have on your next getaway. Have a fabulous time on your next golf vacation.


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By Karen, August 22, 2018
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