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My 10 Favourite September Things

  • September 5, 2018
  • By Karen
My 10 Favourite September Things

No surprise here; I am talking all things wine for this month’s favourites.  It’s always a good topic of conversation as far as I’m concerned!


For September, I’ve rounded up 10 wine-related things that make me truly happy. (Since, hey, isn’t that always the purpose of favourite things?) Keep in mind that some wine accessories are a given, while others are a preference, like the polishing cloth for example.  


You should also know that I have this thing about smelling the glass that my wine is in. Honestly, some glasses just smell!  This is why I have a hard time drinking wine from anything but a quality wine glass.


1    Wine Folly, The Essential Guide to Wine

This is hands down my go-to book when I need to know about a varietal of wine, a region, or a food pairing. Madeline and Justin have put together a great visual tool for making the wine world fun and easy to navigate. (Family and friends, don’t be surprised if you get a copy for Christmas. It’s visual artistry!)


2.  Wine Decanter

This Reidel decanter is a favourite because of its simple, elegant design. It’s easy to clean too.


3.  Wine Coaster

This wine coaster’s sleek stainless steel and copper design will be a welcome addition to your table.


4.  Champagne Flute

These Riedel Champagne Flutes are my favourite.  I love the classy shape and the feel of the glass in my hand.


5.  Polishing Cloth

Like it when your wine glasses are all sparkly? I suggest using a flour sack polishing cloth to dry and polish them, freeing them from debris and fingerprints.  (Plus, Wine Folly has a great article on how to clean your wine glasses properly.)


6.  Wine Preserver

The purpose of a wine preserver is to extract the air from the bottle, slowing down the oxidation process. Extend your sipping pleasure!


7.  Wine Opener

I love my Le Creuset wine opener set. It makes the wine bottle opening experience a dream.  I like the box it comes in too.


8.  Wine Rack

I love this countertop wine rack.  The geometric pattern is right up my alley.


9.  Cabernet Wine Glasses

A glass of Cabernet is common in my house so Cabernet glasses are a must!


10.  Wine Decanter Brush

If you are into a more detailed wine decanter, then you are going to need this helpful tool to clean and dry it.



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By Karen, September 5, 2018
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