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A Whirlwind Trip to Downtown Indianapolis: The Alexander Hotel Indianapolis, Turkey Burgers, and More

  • February 13, 2019
  • By Karen
A Whirlwind Trip to Downtown Indianapolis: The Alexander Hotel Indianapolis, Turkey Burgers, and More

When Ryland, Ali, and I arrived at The Alexander Hotel in downtown Indianapolis at 1:00 am after travelling all day, it was a treat to be greeted so kindly at reception. If you like, it was a good omen, and one that proved quite accurate. Our time in downtown Indianapolis did not disappoint.

So why was I in Indianapolis, Indiana, with my son and his girlfriend? Why the Indianapolis tourism post? Well, my daughter Delaney attends the University of Indianapolis, and it was her 21st birthday. We started planning our surprise trip back in December. And what a great surprise it turned out to be– for all of us!

This is an inviting space

First thing’s first: The Alexander Hotel Indianapolis’ reception can’t be beat. This means a lot when you’re exhausted from multiple flight delays. The fellow who greeted us managed to telepathically read the few thoughts that I couldn’t seem to verbalize.  Thank you for taking care of Tired Me, sir.

Ryland, Ali, and I took a moment after check in and sat in Plat 99 to take a deep breath and have a drink.  Local beer for them and a club soda and lime for me. Indianapolis tourism was off to a great start.

My room at the Alexander Hotel was clean and comfy, just how I like it. I always get excited about a king size bed to myself! I laughed out loud as I hugged all the pillows (which were the perfect firmness for me). I love waking up and seeing that I haven’t disturbed anything but the 2 feet I slept in.  Can anyone else relate?

Coffee, tea, water + candy
I sat in this comfy chair
These are birds (I love birds) made from vinyl records
Soundsuit, 2018 this mixed media piece includes vintage ceramic birds (more birds, swoon), wire, beads, fabric, metal and mannequin.
Close up of the Soundsuit! I love this unique piece.

It wasn’t until the next morning brought beautiful sunshine that I came to fully appreciate the decor of the Alexander Hotel Indianapolis.  The open concept reception has sitting areas arranged for optimal views of the very cool and intriguing art and design concepts. Contemporary art is peppered throughout the hotel.  It was fun to explore.

We had breakfast at the Market Table restaurant.  It has an appealing open concept kitchen design. I love it when a buffet features made to order omelets (bring on the veggies) plus steel cut oats with fresh fruit.  This was a perfect start to an eventful day of energetic Indianapolis tourism.

Bright acrylic lights

The light pendants that line the stairwell to the street are absolutely stunning.  (See for yourself; I took pictures.) These bright clusters of acrylic lights were designed by the artist Jorge Pardo, and they definitely make an impact statement.  These pendants represent sea anemones blooming at the bottom of the sea. You’ve got to appreciate this creative talent.

Me + the acrylic lights

You all know that I am a crazy foodie and the turkey burger from the in-room dining menu did not disappoint!  In fact, it was the best turkey burger I’ve ever had. It was moist and had lots of flavour. My Indianapolis tourism experience lasted less than 48 hours and I managed to get two of these burgers in!  

Reading corner

By evening, I left the 20 somethings to revel in downtown Indianapolis and I headed back to The Alexander Hotel.  I quickly ordered my second burger and ate it before I could take a pic. Oops! As I settled in for the night, there were quite a few doors slamming shut, which was unpleasant for me. Maybe some soft closing mechanisms are in order?

Door slamming aside, the Alexander Hotel Indianapolis has lots to offer that we didn’t get to explore on this visit.  I will be back (with Russ next time) because:

1. We will be visiting Delaney a few more times as she’s in season for field lacrosse at the University of Indianapolis where she is a junior.

2. I want to dine at Nesso Coastal Italia restaurant.  I checked out their menu and I am wanting Capesante scallop with prosciutto, citrus agliolio, orzo, hazelnut, watercress right now.

Nesso, I am coming for you!

3. Turkey burgers


By Karen, February 13, 2019
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