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My 10 Favourite February Things

  • February 7, 2019
  • By Karen
My 10 Favourite February Things

Organization and sparking Joy has been a hot hot topic since the start of 2019.  Marie Kondo’s KonMari method launched on Netflix on January 1, and it’s been all the buzz.  My social media blew up as well as it being all the chatter among friends conversation. As much as I resisted jumping on the bandwagon, I am reporting in that I’ve started organizing and simplifying in my house.  It’s a work in progress and I am enjoying each step. When you pile everything from a category I will admit, it does get worse before it gets better! But it does get better! Clear storage for basements and storage rooms is a great idea and I have this in place.  Look at me go! Vertical storage gives you a quick access to grab and go! Many great ideas.

Here are some storage idea for you this month!

  1. Double jar

The look of this double jar made me immediately think of q-tip and cotton pads storage.  Perfect for your ensuite!

2. Organizer Tray

Doesn’t this remind you of being in the science lab?  The 3 compartments are perfect for all your make-up brushes or even eyeliner and lip liners.

3. Rectangular Woven Seagrass

Store your extra towels in this beachy woven seagrass bin.  The wheels are convenient for moving it around to where you need it.

4. Drawer divider

I have these in my kitchen and they create order and harmony in my drawers.  They are made of bamboo which is solid and durable. Its has a spring loaded mechanism that adjusts easily to any drawer (check dimensions).

5. Quilted Stemware Storage Cases

Perfect for storing your extra wine glasses. Cheers to keeping the dust off of them.

6. Weck Jar

Excellent quality glass jars for storage.  This size is great for dry good storage. I have nuts, seed and beans in mine.   I have a few different sizes and love them all.

7. Clear Storage Bins

These clear storage bins are great for stacking in the garage or storage space.  I like clear storage so you can see what you have especially seasonal items.

8. Food Storage

Glass is my go to for leftover food storage.  Leak proof is important to me as I like to grab it and go without the worry of any liquid spilling out.

9. Kitchen Drawer Organizer

More Bamboo. Its expandable and adjustable.  This is a winning cutlery organizer!!

10. Canvas/Fabric Storage cubes

These foldable grey storage bins will add pizzazz to any decor.  Keeping your space tidy and organized; you know, just how we like it!!

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By Karen, February 7, 2019
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