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Health After 50: Type 2 Diabetes, Menopause Symptoms + Getting Real

  • March 6, 2019
  • By Karen
Health After 50: Type 2 Diabetes, Menopause Symptoms + Getting Real

Good news first: my brain fog finally started to lift in mid-January. Tough news next: health after 50 is a bit of minefield. In addition to managing my normal menopause symptoms at age 50 and beyond, I’m dealing with being on the diabetes spectrum.

On a follow-up visit for my blood pressure with my GP in early January I was presented with some health concerns. One of these was Type 2 diabetes.

Afterward, I sat down with myself and asked, “What is it that you need, body of mine?” I journaled about how I was feeling and that gave me some insight. Besides my legitimate desire to eat “healthy” choices, I have had the tendency to enjoy a few more extras lately. Holiday cheer. A few shortbreads. My mother-in-law’s almond roca (bring on the caramel). A drink or three on games night.

As much as I think I am aware of my food and drink intake, I’ve created a story for myself that “it’s okay to indulge, I’ll get back on track soon!” This is what I once said about smoking.  I’d quit, then have a puff or two, and then be back at it. I’ve been a non-smoker for 11+ years now but it took me quite a few kicks at the can to figure out how to make quitting stick.

The truth is that I was genuinely freaked out by what these tests were showing.  With a little time I reeled in my thoughts. My automatic tendency is to go as far and long with thoughts as a football field will allow. We all know that can’t be good.

Yep, initially, I was in there on Dr. Google like a dirty shirt, which didn’t help my freakout. I credit this to my action taker personality. Pros and cons.

Besides being scrambled about what the tests were showing I also had a deep knowing that when I started to eat and treat (and I don’t mean caramel) my body right these symptoms would most likely fall away.

Also, coming off 3 weeks away (during which time you know I wasn’t a stellar eater), and then getting a blood test right away? My sense of reason told me that these numbers would be high for anyone.  I relaxed into knowing that getting back on track would bring my elevated numbers down. But in the meantime, I was going to practice some recommendations for Type 2 diabetes.

So sugar and alcohol took a back seat while my medical stuff was flushing out. I created some hard boundaries for myself.  I know that sugar is highly addictive (but delicious) and alcohol can complicate medical issues. Side note: did you know that red wine doesn’t elevate your blood sugar? Learned that tidbit in diabetes school! Yes, I did attend a special school to pick up some recommendations for Type 2 diabetes. My doctor suggested it. Even though my levels have improved I am still on the spectrum.  

Menopause symptoms at age 50 and after aren’t pleasant, but with plenty of self-care, they can be managed. And I’m going to keep learning and practicing recommendations for Type 2 diabetes.

Mid-January I began to have more energy and a clearer head.  Into February my creativeness was very present and on point. It increased daily.  My desire to be up early and have a great day also returned. My napping decreased.  I journaled and reminded myself of how grateful I am to be able to have this time to be gentle and slow with myself.  I still fight the beast every once in a while. The beast who says, “If you’re not moving and doing stuff you are lazy.”  But I can cope with that.

All in all, I feel upbeat and ready for Spring! Health after 50 isn’t simple, but exploring self-care is always effective and rewarding, no matter what your age is.


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By Karen, March 6, 2019
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