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My 10 Favourite June Things

  • May 27, 2018
  • By Karen
My 10 Favourite June Things

This is a month with so much to love, don’t you think? The warmth starts creeping in as June unfolds. Fewer layers of clothing. Longer hours for play time. Less hectic schedules. Homemade popsicles. Sprinklers.

One of my favourites: making preserves. The flats of sweet smelling strawberries on the back porch waiting to be made into jam. When I was a kid, I knew summer vacation was about to begin because my Mom and Grandma were prepping for the annual strawberry jam making day. The strawberries were never ending! There was always a bowl of leftover berries that we had for the next few days…on toast with butter and on vanilla ice cream. Those sweet, juicy morsels of goodness!  I do love my berries.

Perhaps most exciting of all: outdoor entertaining season is about to commence. It’s the season of Barbecue tune ups and everything on the BBQ – pizza too! June is my time for patio living and outdoor living and sipping some Riesling, naturally.

Here are my 10 favorite June things:

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1. Pitcher and glass set
This abstract design is pretty cool, don’t you think?

2. Berry Bowl
Berry Bowls are great.  Wash the berries, then put them in the bowl, and the water can drain out of the bottom, keeping them fresh.

3. Popsicle Molds
These are a favourite of mine. They’re quick and easy to use–and they clean up in no time.

4. Platter
A white platter; need I say more? Who doesn’t need one or two or three of these?

5. Napkins
These napkins make me happy. Aren’t they fresh looking?

6. Wine Cooler
This wine cooler is pretty and practical for keeping your wine chilled when you’re entertaining on the patio.

7. Jars for jam
I really like the cute hexagonal design of these jars.  Why not give a jar of tasty jam to a friend?

8. BBQ bag
Skip the skewers and use these bags. You’ll get great results.

9. Sangria Large Pitcher Drinks
I personally like some inspiration when I am prepping for guests. This vision of sangria does the trick for me.

10. BBQ Pizza Tray
Pizza is so good on the BBQ.  They whip up fast and delicious.


Please note some of these are affiliate links, when you decide to purchase anything through these links I get a small commissions at NO extra cost to you, it helps me to keep running this blog.

By Karen, May 27, 2018
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