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My 10 October Favourite Things

  • October 3, 2018
  • By Karen
My 10 October Favourite Things


First of all, October is my birthday month and that’s reason enough for me to love it. I’m celebrating 51 years on this earth– can you believe it? In fact, I will be off on an adventure with my husband Russ to mark this milestone when you read this.


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As I put together my list of favourite October things, you better believe I was thinking about Thanksgiving. Peruse this list to find handy items for making your big feast.


In general, it’s stews, braised meats, and soup season.  It’s a great time to start batch cooking; my favourite things this month reflects that.


The pumpkins are out, and so are the throw blankets, which means we are heading into cooler weather and it’s time to get cozy!  Light that fireplace.


Of course, tea, coffee, and wine are still a great fit. It’s just time to do our sipping inside rather than out on the patio. Fortunately, the new season of The Ozarks is out on Netflix, so you’ll be wanting to come inside anyway.


Without further ado, here are my favourite things as we head into fall:


This is a multi-purpose roaster that I use for my turkey.  It’s a dream to make gravy in.


2. Casserole

One family favourite is Chicken and Broccoli Casserole. It’s comfort food with healthful, satiating ingredients. This dish will certainly be in high rotation as the nights get colder.


3. Spiralizer

When the weather gets colder, comfort food is a must, but it need not be overly heavy or starchy fare. Use this brilliant spiralizer for turning your zucchini and root veggies into colourful, satisfying noodles.


4. Percolator

Brew simple black coffee in this percolator and give yourself the boost you need on darker, cooler mornings.


5. Throw

I love the texture this faux fur throw adds to any room. Cozy with a little bit of sass.


6. Bowls

Thanksgiving dinner is coming up and these would work great for your side dishes! I have a thing for white bowls of all shapes and sizes. They’re versatile, classic, and clean-looking.


7. Candle

This candle is a local Vancouver offering. The musky smell of the Gastown scent is one of my favourites.


8. Couch Tray

A couch tray is a great idea if you’re like me. I do not want to come out of my cozy-ness for something that is not within reach, like my coffee.


9. Pumpkin

I’ve mentioned before [link to post] that I have a pumpkin collection. Pumpkin problem? Anyway, I love this luminous amber accessory.


10. Stock Pot

Le Creuset. Need I say more? This iconic line’s enameled cookware is a thing of beauty. And this stock pot obviously stands up to heavy-duty use. Make a bone broth for your family and keep those winter colds at bay!

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By Karen, October 3, 2018
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